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The SWOOP EARRING gently hugs the lobe and climbs the contours of the ear. Available in 14K Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver with 14K White Gold ear posts.

The SLIVER STUDS, SNUG VINE STUDS, & LONG VINE SNUG STUD. Mix & Match. Available in 14K Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver with 14K White Gold ear posts.

Introducing iolina

IOLINA is a line of contemporary jewelry comprised of everyday essentials and subtle statement pieces in gold, sterling silver, and bronze. The IOLINA aesthetic embodies elegance and abstraction and focuses on movement and balance to achieve harmonious designs that complement the contours of the human form as seamless extensions of the body. Whether it’s sunlight dancing on rippled water, a vine wrapped snugly around a tree, or the effect of wind on a sailboat’s rigging, the inspiration for IOLINA is always about the relationship – the movement, the balance, the contrast – between two or more forces, objects, or elements that can be translated into the relationship between the jewelry and the wearer.

            The line is handmade by Nina Fagiola in her Long Island studio and in collaboration with longtime industry experts in Manhattan.

             Nina began exploring jewelry as a very young child - constantly creating simple beaded, clay, and woven pieces - and was introduced to metalsmithing and lost wax casting in high school. She was captivated by the magic of metals early on and always knew that creating jewelry would become a lifelong pursuit. A former NYC Art Teacher in Brooklyn, Nina continues to teach part time while expanding her design practice and building her business.